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Photo Courtesy National Park Service

Photo Courtesy National Park Service
These premium oils come in a 1 ounce plastic bottle with an orifice reducer.
Sold by weight not by volume.
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Mountain Crafted fragrance oils are full strength; they have not been cut with any carrier oils. We guarantee these oils to be the finest to be found within the industry. Many of our fragrances are infused with natural essential oils. Our fragrances are Dibutyl Phthalate and Nitro Musk free. Which in mountain jargon means it won't harm you to smell it!

We sell these premium oils in a plastic 1 ounce bottle that comes with an inserted orifice reducer. This reducer allows you to place your preferred amount of drops of the oil into your oil or tart warmer. Just remove the bottle cap, sprinkle in the amount of oil drops you wish and within minutes your home or office will be filled with the aroma of your choice.

Did you just receive that unexpected phone call and company are soon arriving? Just sprinkle in a few drops of your preferred fragrance and stand back and wait for the pleasant remarks from your guest on how beautiful your home or office smells. You can place some of your favorite oil on a cotton ball and place beneath your car or camper seat and instantly deodorize your vehicle.

CAUTION: Because of the full strength of these oils, they are not recommended for direct skin application.