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Mountain Crafted = Tradition

Mountain Crafted is based in the sleepy little town of Erwin called "Valley the Beautiful" which is situated within the foothills of the Appalachian and Smoky Mountains in Northeast Tennessee.

The majestic natural beauty which surrounds me is my incentive for my work. The nature pictures posted on my site are located around and near my home. Nature and all natural are not just a saying to me, they are a way of life and centuries old traditions I strive to uphold. My instinctive desire is to share what I have learned from my elders and experiences from living here in these mountains.

My deep-rooted beliefs are that God and each one of you matter, that the way things work is not just a wonder but a science which to me equals miracles!

I decided to take on the challenge of researching for more natural and healthier products. My name is Barry and has personally always been fascinated with the art of hand crafting as my forefathers before me. I focused on the art of hand crafting a full line of 100% plant based preservative body, hair and skin products.

I feel that I now can offer the finest all-natural bath, hair and skin products to be found within the industry.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Barry Carver



Mountain Crafted = Tradition