Refund & Replace Policy

Mountain Crafted Refund Policy; No Exceptions:

We cannot except returns because of the characteristics of the products we offer.

All sales are final. We do not refund or replace because the dislike of the smell of a fragrance or the fragrance strength. If you have concerns if you will like the smell or strength of a fragrance, we suggest ordering a small size product. If you prefer light or strong fragrance smells, inform us within the comment edit field during the order checkout. We will gladly customize your fragrance amount preference.

Suggestion: If you would like to try different fragrances, then within the comment edit field during checkout, type in no more than two fragrance choices. Mountain Crafted will determine what products the fragrances are in because of existing prepared sample products on hand.

If any discrepancies with this order such as wrong products shipped, damaged products or product shortages please do not hesitate to contact us so we can immediately rectify the issue.

Please shake your product before each use. We do not use man made chemicals such as polysorbate 20 to help mix water and oil. We strive to keep our product line as natural as possible.

Our goat's milk soap & shower gel contains hydrolyzed silk protein & can cause the floor of the tub or shower stall to become slippery.

CAUTIONS: It is possible that some of our bath & body products ingredients or fragrances may cause skin sensitivities in rare cases; we suggest testing these products on a small portion of your skin before using.

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